Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Tweet The March 18th, 2015 meeting featured a video contest for wedding footage. Free to members and $25 for those who paid the guest fee. Any portion of a wedding video was fair game for the contest. The winner, as voted by the NJVA membership, was our NJVA president, Tab Morgan, who won a $50 […]

Tweet In June we had a “round robin” of short topics by our members Bill Ivie, Ken White, Dave Hall and Julie Conroy.   If you didn’t like the topic, you only had to wait 15 minutes for a new one! Bill Ivie showed the new corporate video he recently did for Flemington Porsche.  They were […]

Tweet When you mention the word “audio” to a videographer, they normally think of recording dialogue in the field  — what mic to use? … wireless or wired? … As important as this is, it’s only half the battle. Creating a high quality audio mix in postproduction is equally important, and not something you can read from […]