Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

History of the NJVA

By Dave Hall

The NJVA began around late 1987 or early 1988… the four founding members cannot remember exactly!  Bill Kronemyer put an ad in Videomaker magazine looking to start a video group in northern NJ.  The other three founding members went to the first meeting at Bill’s apartment in Hawthorne.  Those three were Dave Hall, Dave “Fritz” Katz, and Tom Delaney.  Dave was the first to put on a “workshop”, which consisted of demonstrating Cokin filters, with pre-videotaped examples (not much has changed in that regard.)  We weren’t sure what to call the group, and I remember one title that was shot down was the “NJ Video Syndicate”.  Robert Allen (then Robert Ehrlich) began coming to meetings in the early 90’s, and when Bill announced there should be a vote for a new president of the group, Robert pounced, beating Phil Scardilli to become the first President of NJVA.  The group soon became legally known as the North Jersey Videographers Association.  We have since changed our name to the New Jersey Video Association.

More history to follow!