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The NJVA is an association of professional videographers. Our goal is to promote professional standards in business practices, the video craft and the equipment we use.


We hold regularly scheduled meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

6:00 pm … Doors open.
6:30 pm … Dinner.

7:15 pm … Meeting begins.

10:00 pm Meeting ends.


Our meetings are currently held at Total Wine in West Orange NJ and in virtual meetings online.



You may attend meetings as a non-member for $25 per meeting.


The week prior to our meetings, an e-mail newsletter is sent to the membership and other interested parties. It contains any official notices, information about the upcoming meetings, times, location and an occasional message from our president. If you’re interested in getting on the newsletter mailing list, please click on the “New Member Info” tab or contact our newsletter editor, Dave Hall at


The meetings always start with networking and food. This provides our members the opportunity to exchange ideas, talk about equipment, and in some cases, hire each other for upcoming projects. The formal part of the meeting begins after dinner.

Workshops: The workshops are conducted by NJVA members and have included, “The Thirty Minute Wedding Video”, “Camera Technique & Lens Properties”, “The Continuity Style of Directing”, “Interview Techniques”, “How to Close a Sale”, “Pricing”, “Creating Love Stories” and “Sound for Weddings”. Workshops often are organized around a topic, i.e., “Shooting the Wedding Vows,” “The Processional,” “The Cocktail Hour,” “Fun Reception Dancing,” where several members will show samples followed by a group discussion.

Guest Speakers: We have had a variety of speakers, covering such topics as “Creating Websites for Business and Internet Service”, “Leadership Training”, “Saving Money on Your Business Phone”, “Financial Investment Strategies”, “Tricks and Tips for Photoshop Users”, “How to Run an Editing Business”, and Roy Chapman, president of WEVA on “The Current State of Event Videography”.

Discussion Topics: Many subjects that are of interest to the membership are scheduled for discussion. The topics range from business practices and customer relations to equipment concerns.

Equipment Demonstrations: In an effort to keep our members abreast of the latest innovations in equipment, we frequently present demonstration of new video products, conducted by both our members and guests from companies such as Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Anton/Bauer, G&G Technologies, Moore Digital and others.

Video Clips: Members regularly show examples of their work to the group. The NJVA feels that this sharing process is one important way members can help educate each other.


Members are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the NJVA as set forth in the by-laws. Members who violate these rules may be subject to censure or expulsion. By-laws can be reviewed at the link to the left.


In order to remain in good standing, members must attend at least six meetings per year and may not miss three meetings in a row. Participation on committees and in the NJVA monthly meetings is voluntary but highly encouraged. The strength and influence of NJVA is dependent on the willingness of the membership to actively participate.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact anyone on the Board and they’ll be happy to make the arrangements.


The NJVA executive board is made up of five members who are elected by the general membership and serve for a one-year term. In addition to their other duties, the president, vice-president and treasurer serve as voting members of the board. The secretary is chosen by a simple majority vote of the board. The board meets once a month prior to each regularly scheduled NJVA meeting. Except for a rare “closed” session, any member may attend these meetings. The members are listed on the Board Members page.

NJVA CONTACT Robert Allen President 917-512-6490

Anyone interested in joining the NJVA and willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the association, is welcome to become a member. All applicants are subject to a six month probationary period. All others are invited to attend our meetings as a non-member-guest.