Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Film Festival Review February 21, 2017 LIVE ONLINE


Join us on your computer, tablet or mobile device for our upcoming online meeting. We will be reviewing and discussing in depth, the work of our December NJVA Film Festival Winners. We’ll hear from both winners and judges and you’ll have an opportunity to pick their brains as well.

FEBRUARY 21, 2017 8:00 PM EST

We had some very strong entries this year. You can see all the winning and runner-up entries online. CLICK HERE.

Register for the meeting today.


The Key to Creating a Great Sound Mix for Videographers.


Take advantage of this excellent workshop, free of charge to all NJVA Members (Both in-person and online members). Most videographers understand the value of capturing good sound at their events. 


But that’s only half the battle. 


Imagine how much better your films would sound if a simple professional workflow was applied during and after the edit.


After 36 years in New York as a twice- Emmy nominated film and tv sound editor, mixer, sound designer and studio owner, and 6 years as a local NJ videographer, Bill Ivie has taken the professional mixing workflow he used and taught for decades and created a hybrid mixing workflow just for videographers.  


Having just won 1st and 2nd place in the Sound Mixing category at the 2016 NJVA Film Festival, Bill shares his hybrid sound mixing workflow on Tuesday March 7th.

Bill will soon be offering this very same workshop nationally for $25 per person. So NJVA members, take advantage of this special free offer.


NJVA Full Membership: $100. Entitles you to attend all seven

in-person catered meetings, as well as the December holiday party and the summer barbecue. You also have access to three online meetings during the year. And should you find yourself unable to attend any of the in-person meetings, you can view them online, in real-time or in playback at your own convenience. What a deal!

In-Person per Meeting: $20

Digital Membership: $50. Entitles you to view all NJVA meetings throughout the year on your computer or mobile device. That comes to just $5 meeting. We welcome all of you beyond traveling distance or folks in our area that can’t make it to our regular Tuesday meetings.

Online per Meeting: $15

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