Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Join Us For The 2017 Planning Meeting


As we get ready to enter into a new year for the New Jersey Videographers Association, we need the help of every member and prospective member to shape the programming for 2017

I hope that you will join me, along with members of the incoming board for an online meeting Tuesday December 20th at 9:00PM EST where will will discuss and plan for the coming year. There are important issues to address and as your incoming president for 2017 I know that the success of my term rests solely on my ability to take the input from our entire community and bring those ideas to the board for implementation.

To join the conversation Click Here just before 9:00PM on December 20th.

You will need to give the Zoom Meeting platform permission to access your camera and microphone if you would like to participate in the conversation. You can also join on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

To all of the former members of the NJVA I am personally inviting you back.  I would love for you to be a part of the organization once again.  We are one of the oldest and most respected local associations in the country.  We are also very proud to have been in such great company with some of the strongest local associations all within a short drive from NJ.  Unfortunately those local groups for varied reasons are no longer active.  I welcome all of the members of those groups to think about joining NJVA.

I believe that now more than ever working together we can all share in the value that a strong local association can bring.

I hope you will join in tomorrow for this important discussion.  I look forward to a rewarding 2017 with the New Jersey Videographers Association.

Robert Allen
NJVA President 2017

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