Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

April 20, 2016 Music Videos!


The April 20th 2016 meeting will feature the planning of three separate music videos. 3 of our members decided at the March meeting that they will each direct their own music video featuring musicians that they know. Bill Ivie, Alex Leonard and Tab Morgan are our three directors. At the meeting they will each pitch their idea for the video they have planned, and everyone attending can decide which video they’d like to help with, and you can throw out some ideas of your own! The actual shooting of each video will NOT be during an NJVA meeting, but members are encouraged to help out. You can even decide to help with all three of them if you like. Someone at each video shoot should be a “behind the scenes” shooter to capture what is going on. The musicians who will be in the video are each friends of our three directors, and their music will be played at the April meeting so you can hear each song. The final videos will be shown at the June meeting, hopefully along with behind the scenes footage from each one too. This is quite different than just about anything we’ve done before. 

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