Monday, December 18th, 2017

Wednesday, 10/21/15-Cali Hlavac & Bill Reyna


Do you know anything about Instagram? Guess what, your competition does. Instagram is growing much faster than Facebook. Many people are leaving Facebook (including your potential clients) and spending a ton of time on Instagram. Facebook still has its place but there’s always something bigger and better. Want to learn all the basics AND advanced concepts and strategies all in the same night? You know the drill… come on down! Cali Hlavac is a Social Media Master. She owns multiple companies and will take you through the entire process. It’s a lot easier than you think ONCE you know what’s possible. As always, there will be a Q&A with Cali.


Bill Reyna is a pilot, certified drone operator, and a professional photographer. He is going to talk about what the FAA regulations really mean in English. Things like what airspace is, what the different classes of airspace are and what this really means to all who operate drones. He will also talk about the certification process for people who want to be able to legally do this commercially.

This meeting will be at our regular location, the Clifton VFW Hall.

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