Monday, December 18th, 2017

June 25th at Unique


In June we had a “round robin” of short topics by our members Bill Ivie, Ken White, Dave Hall and Julie Conroy.   If you didn’t like the topic, you only had to wait 15 minutes for a new one!

Bill Ivie showed the new corporate video he recently did for Flemington Porsche.  They were debuting the Macan SUV (or is it a sports car?)  He discussed the concept, the planning, the writing, shooting, and editing of his amazing piece.  Dan Bitcon supplied some aerial footage for it as well.

Dave Hall discussed and demonstrated 2 of his newest LED lights, the ikan IFB576 and ikan IFB1024. They are both bi-color, remote controllable and are powered with batteries or AC.

Julie Conroy discussed the legalities of hiring or being an independent contractor vs. an employee.  There are very important things you need to know in case you are audited.

Ken White discussed the use of on-camera filters (as opposed to post production filters.)  He brought some filters and showed some examples.

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