Monday, December 18th, 2017

Nov. 20th, Audio Postproduction for Videographers, at the Port Reading Firehouse!


When you mention the word “audio” to a videographer, they normally think of recording dialogue in the field  — what mic to use? … wireless or wired? …

As important as this is, it’s only half the battle.

Creating a high quality audio mix in postproduction is equally important, and not something you can read from a book. Bill Ivie, NJVA board member, former studio owner and Emmy-nominated professional sound mixer and sound designer for 37 years, is going to take you through the same work flow professional sound mixers use to create broadcast quality dynamic sound mixes, including how to achieve proper balance between the five basic elements of a sound mix.

Tips and tricks of the trade will all be revealed. Whether you shoot one camera weddings or independent feature films, the overall quality of your production can be greatly enhanced with properly constructed, better sounding audio mix…

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