Monday, December 18th, 2017

July Meeting was Monday, July 8th at Unique!


Monday the 8th was the date for our July meeting.  Our guest speaker was Rick Brewer.  Did you know that the best wedding businesses do not focus on hundreds of things that need to be done once?  The best-of-the-best focus on 5 actions they do 100 times. When you master these “5 Moves of the Best”, your business will flow with customers, your bank account will flow with money and your customers will flow with the happiness only a satisfied customer can have.

Let’s face it, we love to do what we do and the business stuff can be hit or miss.

Rick Brewer has helped thousands (yes, thousands) of businesses across the United States and will be bringing his common sense, honest approach to selling and marketing to Fairfield, NJ next Monday!

Come learn how to….

  • Get your marketing to be more effective (because it speaks to your client)
  • How to set a strategy that keeps you focused on what matters for your business
  • Why what you think as a business owner doesn’t matter (at least not until you learn how to put yourself out there as an expert – then they will need you)
  • Move your prospect to customer in the proper steps (Hint: most business owners try to take too many steps and kill the sale that might have been)
  • Much Much More!

The 5 Moves of The Best will be a presentation that will focus your efforts, remove the minutia that clogs up a business and make things flow as they should.


If you are looking to tune-up, or simply get a confirmation that you’re heading in the right direction, plan on attending and hearing what those who lead in their genres do.

There are 5 Crucial Laws of Marketing:

1. If your prospects do not know about you – you cannot be an option in their purchase

2. You are not their only option so you need to stand out

3. You need to speak to them on their level about what matters to them

4. You can only take one step at a time in their process

5. To keep your customer, you need to exceed with your customer.

When you combine the 5 Moves of the Most Successful with the 5 Crucial Laws of Marketing, you will be propelled faster than any other methods available.

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