Monday, December 18th, 2017

Dave Landau and All About Lighting, April 17th


Is THIS bright enough for ya?Our April meeting was held at a new location for easier access to our southerly friends.  We met at the Port Reading Fire House at 916 West Ave, Port Reading, NJ, between Woodbridge and Carteret, at the intersection of the Parkway, Turnpike and Rt. 287.  CLICK  HERE FOR GOOGLE MAPS DIRECTIONS! Our April topic was All About Lighting, with special guest Dave Landau.  Dave’s a member of IATSE local 52 and has worked professionally in the film and TV industry as a gaffer, lighting director, cameraman and video director of photography.  This past summer he directed and was DP for the upcoming low budget feature, Dark TarotClick here for the teaser.  He also has worked on 22 episodes of Project Runway as an electrician and gaffer.

Dave covered many lighting topics, including the nature of light, simple 3-point lighting, lighting an interview, “lighting with what you got”, as well as answering lighting questions from our peanut gallery!   If your idea of “lighting” is an LED light on top of your camera, this was the meeting for you.

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