Sunday, December 17th, 2017

2012 In Review


  • January: Music Copyright Lawyer Ron Bienstock
  • February: Jason Groupp-Million Dollare Lighting on a shoestring budget
  • March: Nick Fasio, Inventor of the Sabre Light; Barbabra Holler, equipment specialist
  • April: Jay Treble, basics of live streaming; Alan Berg-5 things You Wish You knew Before Your Made YOur Website and How to Fix Them Now.
  • May: John Goolsby-Live one to one business consultations with 3 different members.
  • June: Ray Roman 2 hour lighting workshop
  • July: Joe Palma-Short Form made simple
  • August: Picnic
  • Sept: Julie Conroy Succeeding With Budget Brides
  • Oct Hal Slifer: Biography Stories and Same Day Edits
  • Nov: Superstorm Sandy
  • December: Holiday Party


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