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Meeting September 10th 2012:Suceeding With Budget Brides


Breaking with our usual routine, next Monday, the NJVA takes a field trip and will hold its monthly meeting at Unique Camera in Fairfield, NJ. The store, a longtime fixture in northern New Jersey, was established way back in 1947. If you’ve never visited, here’s an excellent opportunity to take a look around. The official meeting will take place between 7 and 9pm. But please feel free to stop by earlier to check out the store merchandize. Besides all the goodies on display, you can grab a cup of coffee at RedHouse Roasters, Unique’s Internet Cafe.

Dinner Served 

Of course, you can work up quite an appetite with all that potential shopping. No worries. Dinner will be provided to the membership, courtesy of a local pizza parlor.

Succeeding with Budget Brides

Recently, Tim Ryan, a well respected leader in our industry, posted the following on Facebook. “When all is said and done and you have delivered your product to your bride/groom/client… after you have added up ALL your costs, what is your typical profit margin?
I’m not really sure what everyone is TRYING to hit as a margin, but I’m thinking the HIGHER END I get and the more money I have to charge for an event (photo and/or video)… the LOWER I feel my profit margin is getting.
Would love to know what your profit margin goals are and are you hitting them?” At our next meeting, NJVA President Julie Conroy will explore this very topic. Julie believes that if you’re organized to meet their needs, you can actually make more money by catering to the budget and DIY (Do It Yourself) bride. Budget Brides often have weekday weddings, require less editing, create less backlog, less stress, and can provide MORE hourly income than high-end wedding films that often require over 20+ hours in post. Learn:• Secrets of Marketing & Selling to the Budget and DIY Bride
• How to Make $100-$200 and More Per Hour Per Job
• Camera Techniques and Equipment for Shooting the Single-Cam Budget or DIY Wedding
• Edit Techniques that Slash or Eliminate Post-Production Time. If you missed Julie’s presentation at the WEVA Expo, here’s your chance.
Upcoming ElectionsThe NJVA will be holding elections in November for officers and board members. Our organization does not run by itself and can always use passionate and dedicated members on the board. Nominations will take place at the October meeting.

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