Monday, December 18th, 2017

Meeting July 11, 2012 “Short Form Films Made Simple” with Joseph Palma


Short Form Wedding Films, ranging from 15-30 minutes in length, have gone from being a specialized item to a sought after product in this era of instant gratification and limited attention spans.  They are artistic, they are interesting, they are easy to sell and they are surprisingly easy to put together!  LIVA President, 8 Time LIVA Creative Competition Winner and 2 Time WEVA Creative Excellence Award Winner Joseph Palma will share with you his tips and tricks to putting together Short Films in an efficient and artistic style.  Joe will cover:

-Editing Triage, quickly deciding what gets to live or die in the film

-How to include everything important and save time

-Time Shifting not just for the sake of Time Shifting

-Trimming Down a 4 Hour Party to fit a 30 Minute Film

-Shooting and Editing Techniques for Dancing

Joseph will also be editing a portion of a Short Film Live that evening!

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