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Meeting March 14th 2012


Many videographers have a love/hate relationship with LED lights. You can’t beat them when it comes to saving battery power and portability. But they vary widely in quality and even some of the more expensive ones out there can produce rather odd results under a range of lighting situations.Enter Nick Fasio, inventor of the SabreLED lights. He will be on hand at our next meeting to demonstrate his new lights. They are solidly constructed out of aluminum and weather sealed against moisture. They are reported to have a very high CRI index, often lacking with many of the current crop of LEDs. They are color rated at 3200K and are claimed to maintain an even color temperature throughout their dimmable range. Rather than consisting of an array of LED bulbs, the Sabre lights come in two models: the first, as a single, powerful LED, producing a bulb-equivalent of 80 watts with a draw of 10 watts and a second model with two LEDs, producing a 150 watt equivalent with a draw of 22 watts.  In spite of its durable construction, they weigh a modest 12 and 17 ounces.  A number of our members have seen these lights and are very enthusiastic. So who knows? This may well be the LED solution that many are looking for.SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISONNick Fasio is so convinced that you’ll find his lights superior to the competition that he has invited us to do a side-by-side comparison with any of our current LEDs.  So bring in your LED lights and we’ll put them to the test.


For one night only, Sabre will be giving our members a special discounted price. Checks, credit cards and cash are all gladly accepted.

Barbara Holler, Equipment Specialist

Barbara will show us how to utilize our equipment to cut the cost of doing business, as well as utilizing our equipment to upgrade and allow the equipment to work for us.  She will also teach the best way to finance or buy new equipment and how to sell our existing equipment for the highest dollar.  There are many tricks of the trade, and Barbara will share many of those secrets next Wednesday!

Show Us Your Stuff!
Last month we invited members to “Show us your gadgets”, but this month we want to see footage of what you’ve been working on lately!WHAT TO SHOW:Bring your recent programs, clips, completed presentations, works in progress – anything you were personally involved with creating. The more diversified the presentations, the better – we like to see not only who is doing what and how they’re doing it, but the kind of work being done in these changing times.  Your program’s budget doesn’t matter! This is both a fun evening and a great opportunity to learn from others what works (and sometimes what doesn’t)!WHO IS SHOWING:Any active participant in the creation and/or performance of the piece: camera, producer, director, lighting, sound, set design, performing talent, etc.MEDIA FORMAT: DVD or Blu-ray ONLY.  We’ll provide a projector, screen and audio system.

MEETING FORMAT: Depending on the number of participants, you’ll have between 5-10 minutes TOTAL to show and/or talk about your work and take questions from the audience (if you wish).  If 2 or more people present are involved IN DIFFERENT ASPECTS of the piece, i.e., producer and talent, you can combine the time into one longer presentation.  Segments or complete short programs are preferred, but feel free to show your new demo.

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