Monday, December 18th, 2017

February Meeting 3rd Wed.-Feb. 15th



On February 15th (the 3rd Wednesday), featured photographer Jason Groupp, who has spent years working on something he’d been known for – in essence, creating his signature.  The result: The IHNY (I Heart NY) Sessions.  In this program, he showed us how he’s applied years of experience shooting for clients like Vogue, NY Times Magazine, J. Crew and Tiffany’s, to his work as a wedding and portrait photographer. Here he focused on “million-dollar lighting” on a shoestring budget, how he markets his signature IHNY sessions and how he built a new revenue stream alongside his wedding work.

We also featured the “Gadget Bag”, which is any tool, tip or idea that you use to make your day more pleasant or easier.  It can be a tripod extension, a slider, a new LED light, a way to hook a client or whatever!

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