Monday, December 18th, 2017

Meeting Nov. 9, 2011 featured Alan Berg:”Am I really making any money from this? What’s your ROI (Return on Investment)?”


From Alan: “When we have conversations with wedding pros around the country, the discussion inevitably turns to their ROI, or Return on Investment. They want a good ROI from their print ads, their online ads, their emails, their direct mail, their social media, their bridal show participation and really everything they do. However, when we ask how you’re tracking your ROI the conversation gets really quiet, really fast.

While there is a small group who really have a handle on it, most either don’t track it at all, or are using the wrong methods and metrics for calculating their ROI. Even if you do know your ROI you still have to decide if it’s good, or bad and make decisions based upon that.

What we covered:

• What is ROI?

• How to measure and track your results

• How to understand if your return is good

• How you can improve your ROI to achieve greater profitability”

Alan Berg

• author

• professional speaker

• small business marketing expert

author of “If your website was an employee, would you fire it?” and “Don’t Paint the House!”

“Alan is a tremendous speaker and an amazing talent. His advice is invaluable. Best seminar I’ve attended all year.”
Damon Dietz, Absolute Media Productions

founder of the Wedding Industry Leaders Conference

Education, coaching and consulting for highly motivated individuals and businesses

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