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Mark and Trisha Von Lanken Presented May 18th & 19th


Mark and Trisha Von Lanken Presented A Hands On All Day Workshop May 19th 2011

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njva von lanken 2011

Von History

In 1996, we formed Picture This Productions; we got the name from a NY phone book.

In 1998, we did our first same day edit, before we knew what it was called.

In 2004, we presented the same day edit concept at a WEVA Expo after winning several WEVA CEAs.

It didn’t draw the biggest crowd back then, most thought we were crazy. It is still a thriving part of our business today.

We are probably best known for teaching “Moving Camera Techniques” and our cinematic style.

Von Facts

We both grew up in rural Illinois farming communities.

We both have musical backgrounds.

We got married at 18 & 19. Whew, we were young.

Every job we have had has contributed to what we do today.

We now have four great kids, our oldest daughter married in 2010.

We love working together and living out our dream.


Wednesday May 18th
WEVA Hall of Fame inductees and Industry legends Mark and Trisha Von Lanken join Saturday Night Live DP Alex Buono, Michael Gebben, and Jose Ortiz as presenters for the NJVA / WEVA Northeast Conference.  The Von Lankens are the only videographers in the world to be included on every Event DV Top 25 list since its inception.

“The Balancing Act”
Shooting, Lighting, Audio, Post Production and don’t forget, creativity. It all comes into play when making a quality wedding film. How do you find the perfect balance in creating a wedding film clients will love & pay for? Who are you trying to please? Mark and Trisha will show you how to use your tools and resources to deliver a final product that is a creative reflection of your client.

The Von Lankens will present an all day workshop including two cutting edge presentations; an in-depth sales and marketing presentation, and the “DSLR Encounter.”

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