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May 8th, 2011
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HDR Tone Mapping with Philip Bloom

HDR Tone Mapping thumb

Here is commentary from Philip’s vimeo page.

My first attempt at HDR tone mapping timelapse.

We start off with normal timelapse and then go into the 3 and 7 bracket tone mapped HDR timelapses.

I wanted to create a sense of colour and insanity that Las Vegas gives you. All from one view point. My balcony. With that restriction can you do it? Well I did it before in my two previous timelapses…

This was harder in a way as there was no single focal point like in the Sydney Harbour piece or the Space Needle piece.

I made a virtue of the HDR tone mapping with the change of pace in the music and also my use of bookends which I love.

There is a very detailed commentary on my website which goes into each shot in detail. It’s worth a listen.

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