Monday, December 18th, 2017

JASON GROUPP: Developing your Style – Jason Groupp- NJVA WEVA INSTITUTE



What is the one thing that will set YOU apart from everyone else?
Developing your style is the one thing that YOU have the most control over, and the one thing that will differentiate you from your competition.
In a wedding market as monstrous as New York City, having your own truly unique style is a matter of business life and death. Jason will show you how he implemented his fashion work into his wedding photography and developed his style as if it was a portfolio being sent out to photo editors in NYC.   With each wedding Jason photographed he got better at seeing his “vision” through, and eventually developed it into a “look” that was unique, and recognizable.
Jason now approaches wedding films with the same unique style he’s brought to his high-end photography.
Jason is taking a “photographers” approach to marketing his film work, and he’ll show you what’s worked.  He’s also coming up with new products and add-ons to offer his clients.  He’ll show you how he’s increased sales with each wedding film he shoots.
About Jason:
Jason shot his first gig at 18 years old, while his friends were flipping burgers for beer money, Jason put himself through photography school (F.I.T) by shooting on the weekends and soon hit the streets of NYC.
Over 22 years he’s built an amazing studio in the heart of Chelsea. Keeping Manhattan brides and finicky magazine editors happy is a daunting task but he finds it very rewarding.
Jason has done everything under the sun! He’s shot for clients including J. Crew, Candies, Tiffany’s, BMW and Cusinart to name a few. He’s been published in over a dozen magazines including the Sunday NY Times Magazine, Men’s Health, Bicycling, Marie Claire and Vogue. And, of course hundreds of high-end brides and grooms!


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