Monday, December 18th, 2017

Alan Berg from The Knot “Conversion is the Key” March 9th


Alan Berg from The Knot "Conversion is the Key"

For years, everyone’s attention has been on the Clicks – to your ads, to your website, to your email address.  But now, finally, the smart marketers are focusing on Conversion – what happens to those clicks, because those are the actions that result in sales.  Conversion is where you should be focusing!

At our  March meeting, Alan Berg, Vice President of The Knot, explained the importance of “Conversion” and told us exactly what it is and how to track it both on and off-line.  He also talked about why brides are using email more and the phone a lot less.  Also, how you can use email more effectively as a marketing tool.  Alan showed us how to add value at every touchpoint.

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