Monday, December 18th, 2017

Highlights from DSLR Night at NJVA


DSLR Night at NJVA November 10, 2010

DSLR Night at NJVA November 10, 2010

A very special thank you to Cristina Valdivieso, Jon Connor, John Hyland, John Miller, Roman France, Zack McKTee and Tarik Sykes for speaking at the NJVA last night. The night was a huge success with a packed house. Unique Photo was a sponsor of the night’s meeting and was there to fill anyone who was interested in purchasing some DSLR equipment that night. Many members were interested in seeing more work from our speakers. Below you can find links to each speakers site. You can also find a slideshow of photos taken by David Samelman of last nights event.

Cristina Valdivieso

Jon Connor

John Miller

Roman France

Zack McKTee

Tarik Sykes

John Hyland

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