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Free Event This Week: Marketing and Selling to Brides with Rick Brewer


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FREE WORKSHOP!!! Thursday, September 9, 2010

6:00pm to 7:30pm at Unique Photo, Fairfield,  NJ

Nothing… and I repeat NOTHING will happen unless your Marketing Works.

Do You struggle with things like …

Not meeting the Brides who really want to buy. Brides who waste
your time because they are out of range for your offering and
they simply won’t tell you. Getting bogged down with brides who are
“just looking”.
Most Brides have not been married before. Could you gain from
weeding out prospects who cannot or will not buy from you? Spending
tons of money on
advertising and not getting ANY brides Not getting their fair share
of Brides in the area, only losing them to less qualified competition
Lack Luster Results because you have no plan of action for your
#1 Money Making activity- Marketing.

In this 90 minute Information Packed seminar you will:

Develop a Weekly Marketing strategy that will bring in More
Qualified Prospects That will BUY!
Identify your Marketing Strengths and focus your efforts where
they really matter and work.
Develop a Sales Questionnaire that will help you to close More
of the Brides you meet with Find new techniques on how to reach the “unreachable”
Brides and get them to not only like you but to Trust you with their
Wedding. Plan on attending Rick Brewer’s “Marketing and Selling to Brides in
ANY Economy!)

Sponsored by New Jersey Videographer’s Association and Unique Photo

If your marketing isn’t working, neither are you.

Rick Brewer has taught thousands of Wedding vendors the tricks and
techniques that work with the most successful of wedding businesses.
Brides and Weddings are a very unique business and because Rick
specifically to the subject of Marketing to Brides, his seminars
regularly sell out.

Nothing will happen to your Wedding Business without customers, come
join us and learn how to specifically Market to Brides!

“If you face any of these issues, Ican help. It is my mission to work
with Bridal Businesses and bring them tomore effective marketing to
Brides and wedding marketing. By showing them howto get more Brides,
they will gain more business and a better life. The averageWedding
Business will spend more money on Wedding Advertising than they will
on their annual vacation. The problem with this is they will get far
more return on their vacation than they will from the Bridal Marketing
and this doesn’t have to be like this”

To Find out more about Rick Brewer, please visit his website:


Save you money from wasted advertising
Develop a specific Real-Life plan of action for your specific business
Come out with Actionable items to start on THAT DAY
Make you more money by helping you be more effective with getting
with the Brides who will buy and stop Wasting time with the Brides
who will only waste your time
Live the Life you deserve by making more money~!


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