Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Post-Ceremony Competition Rules


In March, the NJVA presents the 2010 Creative Excellence Competition: Post-Ceremony

Wedding Post-Ceremony Video

Defined as footage recorded during the time between the end of the wedding ceremony (as defined by the rules) and the start of the reception. (For purposes of this category only, “start of the reception” is defined as the moment that the guests enter the room where the wedding reception is being held..) Video and/or audio elements from other portions of the wedding day may be included in this category, so long as the central theme remains the wedding post-ceremony.

Entry Fee:

  • There will be a $15.00 entry fee for each eligible entry.


Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards will be presented to the top three entries.  Winners will be announced at the completion of the March NJVA meeting.  Awards will be presented at the NJVA holiday party in December.


  • Voting will be on a ten point scale (1-10.)
  • Any ballots with “see-saw” scoring (one entry with a “10” rating and many others with a “1” or “2”) will be discarded
  • Any ballots with missing scores will be discarded.  All entries must be scored with at least a “1”.
  • Entries with the three highest compiled scores will win Gold, Silver, and Bronze respectively.

Competition Rules

  • Entries are limited to a maximum length of five (5) minutes.
  • Entries must be submitted on DVD Media Only.
  • DVD’s will be stopped at the five minute mark regardless of whether the production has ended.
  • One entry per member per competition
  • All entries must be received by 7:30pm the night of the competition.
  • All entries must be given to the competition chairperson at the NJVA front desk.
  • A Person who enters the Competition shall not be able to vote in that competition.
  • An entrant shall write their name on their ballot before handing it in, which serves the purpose of keeping their anonymity and not counting their ballot in the final score.
  • An entrant who fails to hand in a ballot with their name on it will result in disqualification.
  • Entrant must be a member in good standing of NJVA for at least one month prior to the competition in order to enter.
  • Studio names and logos must not appear within the production.
  • Studio personnel can only appear in the video incidentally, it is left to the Competition Chairman and NJVA President to deem the appearance blatant.

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