Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Tweet In March, the NJVA presents the 2010 Creative Excellence Competition: Post-Ceremony Wedding Post-Ceremony Video Defined as footage recorded during the time between the end of the wedding ceremony (as defined by the rules) and the start of the reception. (For purposes of this category only, “start of the reception” is defined as the moment […]

Tweet Our first speaker Ned Soltz, shooter, editor, writer and reviewer, brought in some cool gadgets to demonstrate for us. Dave Hall and Dan Bitcon made a very detailed and informative presentation on HD production from the different cameras to post production workflow.  All video shown was from a Blu-ray disc onto an HD plasma […]

Tweet The Event DV Top 25 list is being announced. 1) Ray Roman – Ray Roman Films 2) Kevin Shahinian – Pacific Pictures 3) Loyd Calomay – Red 5 Studios 4) David Robin – David Robin Films 5) Patrick Moreau, Konrad Czystowski & Michael Y. Wong – StillMotion 6) Joe Simon – Joe Simon […]