Friday, May 27th, 2016


Taky Cheung of LA Color Pros is our May 18th Guest Speaker!

Tweet Digital Delivery for Event Filmmakers Taky Cheung from LA Color Pros will be presenting the topic of Digital Delivery for Event Filmmakers. Taky will talk about different types of digital delivery methods, the best delivery formats and best encoding settings, choice of online video streaming platform, and USB flash drive selection, as well as product packaging, pricing and marketing aspects for... [Read more]

April 20, 2016 Music Videos!

Tweet The April 20th 2016 meeting will feature the planning of three separate music videos. 3 of our members decided at the March meeting that they will each direct their own music video featuring musicians that they know. Bill Ivie, Alex Leonard and Tab Morgan are our three directors. At the meeting they will each pitch their idea for the video they have planned, and everyone attending can decide... [Read more]

Video Competition at our 11/18/15 Meeting!

Tweet NJVA FALL COMPETITION!  (Wedding and Corporate) It’s time to show us what you’re made of… Our November 18th meeting will now become our annual competition! The wedding season is just about behind us. Now it’s time to find your best job and use that masterpiece to make you into the next Ray Roman. And the competition is not just for wedding videographers; it’s also for... [Read more]

Wednesday, 10/21/15-Cali Hlavac & Bill Reyna

Tweet Do you know anything about Instagram? Guess what, your competition does. Instagram is growing much faster than Facebook. Many people are leaving Facebook (including your potential clients) and spending a ton of time on Instagram. Facebook still has its place but there’s always something bigger and better. Want to learn all the basics AND advanced concepts and strategies all in the same... [Read more]

September 16, 2015 Timelapse!

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Adam Forgione on August 12th!

Tweet Adam Forgione spoke at our August 12th meeting! It was the second Wednesday of August. Adam Forgione is regarded as one of the top event filmmakers in the world. Owner of award winning wedding film studio Pennylane Productions based in New York, he was voted multiple years for “one of the top event filmmakers in the world” by EventDV magazine, winner of over 30 state and international... [Read more]

June 17th 2015 Workshop: Green Screen Secrets Unveiled

Tweet You missed all there is to know about green screen on the evening of June 17. Whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime pro, there was something there for everyone. Those in attendance added a new skill and fine-tuned their creativity (AND, may get more work)! Everyone was invited to bring their camera and “shoot all you want”.  Their footage was combined with backgrounds on several... [Read more]

May 20, 2015 Meeting

Tweet On Wednesday, May 20th we featured Noam Kroll via Skype, who discussed how to achieve the film look, and how it differs from the cinema look, as well as discussing how to get away from the video look. But wait, there was more! Also a discussion with Dan Bitcon and Tab Morgan on drones. AND… guests from LegalShield discussed affordable legal coverage (you know, in case you crash your drone... [Read more]

April 15th: Build an Amazing Website: 3 Experts Tell All

Tweet Do you need a new website? Is it user friendly … or a constant source of frustration? What about a mobile ready site with eCommerce — or are you still pre-Y2K? If you’re struggling with website issues, we hope you did not miss our April meeting! Members simplified their lives and GOT THEIR QUESTIONS ANSWERED on WordPress, HTML, WYSIWYG and other website options. Speakers: Anthony Bianciella,... [Read more]

March Meeting-Wedding Video Contest + Photoshop for Video

Tweet The March 18th, 2015 meeting featured a video contest for wedding footage. Free to members and $25 for those who paid the guest fee. Any portion of a wedding video was fair game for the contest. The winner, as voted by the NJVA membership, was our NJVA president, Tab Morgan, who won a $50 gift card. Guests did not vote, and I swear it wasn’t fixed! Also, board member Bill Ivie put on a... [Read more]